TCR Services | Managed Print Services
Managed Print and Assessment Services (MPS)

Are you responsible for managing your organization's desktop printers? If so, TCR's Managed Print and Assessment Service is for you. Offload the burden of managing your printer fleet to us; we proactively monitor and maintain your equipment to help you optimize printer use, increase staff and equipment productivity, and reduce cost of ownership, all while contributing to a greener local environment.

Reduce Costs
Control Your Printer Fleet Cost per Copy
TCR Services can help you reduce your annual expenditures on desktop printers by as much as 40%! Our Managed Print Services lets you reduce your cost per copy by using printers efficiently. MPS will help you reduce and stabilize your printing budget by:
  • Optimizing printer placement - we use data from your environment to match each printer to a workload appropriate for its duty cycle
  • Proactively monitoring printers to catch problems before they become bigger problems
  • Simplifying inventory management - you get the supplies you need when you need them
  • Wrapping all printing expenses (supplies, service, etc.) into one monthly line item that's easy to budget
  • Consolidating to one vendor

Cut Your Toner Costs Significantly
We help you cut toner costs by using premium remanufactured toner cartridges. Our remanufacturing facility builds cartridges to OEM specifications using new, premium components. We guarantee all of our remanufactured cartridges from first to last print. If you prefer to use only OEM cartridges, TCR offers OEM cartridges at competitive rates.

Increase Productivity
Working with TCR Services helps you increase your productivity by:
  • Offloading the frustration of broken printers and copiers to a reliable partner whose core expertise is keeping your equipment up and running
  • Letting your IT and Help Desk staff focus on mission-critical tasks rather than handling calls about "out of toner" messages and jammed printers
  • Scheduling regular preventative maintenance to reduce printer, copier, and fax machine fire drills and extend the life of your equipment

Go Local with Your Green Program
TCR Services' green roots go deep. Since 1989, we've helped local San Diego businesses wisely manage the life cycle of their toner cartridges. We do this by:
  • Remanufacturing cartridges, which reduces the number of cartridges that are used only once
  • Offering free pick up of used toner cartridges to businesses in the San Diego area - not just our customers.
  • Helping empty cartridges successfully transition to the next phase of their life cycle: remanufacturing or recycling.

When you consider that it takes more than three quarts of oil to produce a new laser cartridge, it only makes sense to get as much use out of each one as possible. By working with TCR Services, you become part of the local solution as you reduce your carbon footprint, get maximum life out of each cartridge, and increase your bottom line.